Flattened Flat Sculpture
& the Wave of Blue Mirage

납작하고도 납작한 조각과
파란 신기루의 물결

2018digital compound blue paint, CCTV, camcorder, Iphone, plexiglass mirrors, tripods, 3D-printed sculpture, wood

This installation consists of a 3D-printed sculpture, a camcorder, a surveillance camera, plexiglass mirrors, digital compound blue plaint, and an I Phone. Even though it is a physical object, 3-D printed sculpture is only visible through the camcorder and the mirrors. Through the camcorder and the mirrors, the original figure of 3D printed sculpture gets distorted. The more the piece is reflected in the mirrors, the more distorted the shape becomes. The camcorder functions to flatten the 3D sculpture, which is in physical space through a real-time recording is presented in the camcorder screen. Through the phenomenon of the sculpture being distorted as it constantly reflected in plexiglass, it represents the moment when the original form gets distorted or copied in Flattened Flat Space.

Also, there is a surveillance camera hidden in the space that feeds to an IPhone so viewers gradually realize that they are under surveillance. Even though it is a real-time recording, it has a time difference due to internet the speed. It presents a moment of a time difference between physical time and time in Flattened Flat Space. The mirrors in the space also act as surveillance because they not only reflect the sculpture but also the viewers in the space.

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