Suji Han

Blue: R, G, B (2,0,253) is a digital media installation of five screens and Wi-Fi. All flat the digital screens- Insignia TV, Benq monitor, Iphone4, Iphone4S play a digital blue video except the IPad. The IPad plays a live streaming video. There is a hidden place where a surveillance camera is installed, capturing a physical wall which is painted blue. In other words, the IPad is live streaming a video of a blue wall physically painted. Even though all digital the screens are playing the same digital blue video, the color appears all differently depending on the devices and angles.

Blue: RGB(2,0,253)

INSIGNIA TV, BENQ monitor, iPad, iPhone, surveillance camera, Wi-Fi, plug converter, blue paint, single channel video, live streaming video, tripod, 2019

sol koffler gallery, providence, RI, USA, 2019

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